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Boost performance and profitability with our solutions for the aerospace and defense industry

Effectively manage performance across your enterprise with our aerospace and defense industry solutions. From program and project management through after market service and support, streamline core processes to promote profitable new business, manage complex programs on time and on budget, and improve after-market service.
  • Improve program management to get smooth product delivery
  • Strengthen product life cycle management with full visibility into product database
  • Synchronize contract manufacturing to ensure profitability over a product's overall lifecycle
  • Speed up time to market by accelerating make-to-order manufacturing quickly
  • Enhance procurement to boost manufacturing efficiency
  • Leverage in-depth analytics to gain visibility into business processes

Program and Project Management

To fulfill contractual obligation such as agreed-upon costs and schedules, this establishes plan,setup,monitor comprehensive,complex projects etc..
  • To provide on-time delivery this uses streamline program management
  • Profitability can be increased by enhanced earn value management
  • Merge up all the requirements of stakeholder into project schedules
  • Through real-time analytics this maintains end to end program visibility

Lifecycle Data Management

For making sound decisions for schedulers,designers,project managers and developers we impressively manage and maintain the product data
  • Consecutively promote innovative products and services
  • Provide fast services in market with integrated product development
  • In a flexible environment provide visualization at any stage of development

Contract Manufacturing

keep up all the phases of new-product manufacturing.To fulfill strict documentation standards,capture and control costs we accommodate product and design process.
  • Through improved lean manufacturing processes ,optimizes production
  • Improved quality management reduces production failure
  • For less delivery time this increases manufacturing operations
  • To manage full visibility of program progress this uses improved performance management

Make-to-Order Manufacturing

Develop products according to customer requirements.Perform less engineering operations at the time of production.
  • This speed up the custom product delivery by using improved engineer-to-order processes
  • To accomplish customer requirements improved manufacturing techniques are available
  • For various industries accelerate effective manufacturing techniques

Operational Procurement

This automates the procurement material which is used for various businesses.Also enable employees to use self-services for purchasing of their own corporate-compliant materials.
  • To increase program efficiency centralized sourcing and contract management are used
  • Synchronized sourcing align materials according to program demands
  • To increase program profitability speed up the contract to cash process
  • For faster delivery of products procurement is accelerated


Manage program execution on course and costs down with instant analytic insight into all your programs. Make sound decisions on the basis of actionable information.
  • Monitor relevant KPIs to detect and lighten risk early
  • Determine potential delays and overruns to control program costs
  • Allow information sharing across departments to control quality
  • Usage root-cause analysis to overcome issues at the source

MRO and Engineering Services

Improve the life of costly aircraft while reducing maintenance costs.Connect operations and use new technologies to increase productivity and business opportunities.
  • Optimize operations and decrease costs by eliminating redundant maintenance tasks
  • Augment operations with condition-based maintenance techniques
  • Accommodate operations with engineering to fast execution
  • Associate task execution with supply chain management to ensure parts availability
  • Use mid- and long-term forecasting to optimize maintenance scheduling in your project

Aerospace and Defense Best Practices

Quickly implement industry best practices with a WTM IT ERP Business All-in-One solution designed specifically for mid size aerospace and defense companies.
  • Lesser IT costs by minimizing the staff required to evaluate and implement software
  • Activate best-practice pre-configurations to speed up implementation and decrease costs
  • Take pre-configured processes to avoid missed project deadlines and budget overruns
  • Work with WTM IT ERP partners to develop scalable and adaptable solutions
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