La Homes

" La Homes real estate customer database is growing more fast with WTM SalesGrow CRM."

-  Mr.Harsh Rawat.
 CEO,La Homes


In my real estate business customer database management is too easy with WTM SalesGrow CRM software. We are getting more sales in less time.

Now I have my all customer data and follow up with WTM Cloud and It improve 400% more productive customer database management system. Sales is going improve with WTM SalesGrow CRM software.

Real estate company is very growing business. I am running my own Real Estate project in multiple locations and multiple cities. We have own Sales Team in multiple location. we are getting many Leads But for us it is not possible to manage all the data in excel sheets and computer. Now I am using WTM SalesGrow CRM software

To manage my all customer database. Now I can track lead sources which are coming from other sources. I can forecast my sales next continue 2-3 month or what we want.

I can create all report with in a minute.I used my un-used data for my up coming projects. My workflow is become more productive. my customer database management going improve 400%.

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